Exhibition at the State Sports Museum October-November 2023


At the end of October, at the State Sports Museum (embankment of the Moika River, 23) in one of the most beautiful mansions in St. Petersburg, an exhibition entitled “Sport as Art” opened. Paintings, sculptures, photographs dedicated to competitions and athletes are presented in the luxurious hall of the historical Abamelek-Lazarev mansion. Among the exhibits of contemporary St. Petersburg artists is a series of 11 paintings by Anastasia Nikolaeva-Berg dedicated to football players.

The “Football Legends” series was created by artist Anastasia Nikolaeva-Berg specifically for exhibiting at exhibition venues in St. Petersburg during the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The choice of heroes is due rather to the author’s personal sympathy and recommendations from football experts and fans. For an author who paints historical canvases, creating a portrait-image, a portrait-symbol has become the main task of a painting series. World football stars, famous at that time, were selected. In each work from Anastasia’s football series, the viewer sees the hero at the climax of life. Each portrait is a symbol and each hero is an idol and an example to follow. The work “Golden Arshavin” (oil on canvas) was donated by the author to the State Sports Museum. The exhibition will last until November 26.


 Photo from the exhibition at the State Sports Museum

 Video from the exhibition at the Sports Museum



Exhibition at the Konstantinovsky Palace July-October 2023


A personal exhibition of Anastasia Nikolaeva (Berg) “Return to Africa” opened in the State Complex “Palace of Congresses” in the halls of the Konstantinovsky Palace. The exhibition is dedicated to the artist’s trip to the Republic of Senegal in the city of Dakar as part of the teaching group “Schools of Innopraktika”.

The exhibition “Return to Africa”, opened in the Constantine Palace, presents works of painting and graphics united by one theme “Africa”. Famous St. Petersburg artist Anastasia Nikolaeva (Berg) presents works that were the result of a trip to Africa as part of a group of teachers from the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts named after Ilya Repin in 2022. The choice of topic was prompted by the impressions received in the capital of Senegal, Dakar.

From May 2 to May 13, 2022, the foreign art session of the “Innopraktika School” and “Russian Seasons” was held for the first time in the Republic of Senegal in Dakar. The School was initiated by the Innopraktika company and the cultural project “Russian Seasons”. “Innopraktika School” introduces young art professionals to Russia and promotes intercultural dialogue between representatives of different countries. Anastasia Nikolaeva (Berg) was one of four outstanding teachers, under whose guidance talented students from African countries created creative works. The exhibition is on display from July 20 to October 11, 2023.


Photo from the exhibition in the Konstantinovsky Palace


Exhibition at EXPOFORUM July 2023


On July 27 and 28, 2023, the second Russia-Africa summit was held in St. Petersburg, attended by representatives of 49 from 54 countries of the continent. 17 African States were represented at the highest level. An economic and humanitarian forum was held in parallel with the summit.

Anastasia Nikolaeva-Berg's exhibition "COLOR OF LIFE" was presented at the Summit with the support of Roscongress. The exhibition consisted of works made by the author after a trip to Africa in 2022 (Senegal, Dakar). Painting and graphics were presented to the audience.

Anastasia's 29 paintings were located in two pavilions of the EXPOFORUM.

 Photos from the exhibition

Donating a painting

In June 2023, Anastasia Gennadievna Nikolaeva (Berg) donated her painting “Open Book” (oil on canvas, 2018, 110x100) to the Belgorod State Art Museum. Now this work is in the museum's painting collection.