Anastasia Nikolaeva (Berg)


Anastasia Nikolaeva (Berg)

was born in Leningrad. Studied at LSAS behalf B.Ioganson at the Institute named after I.E. Repin.

In 1990, according to the decision of the admissions Committee of the Saint-Petersburg State academic Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture named after I.E. Repin was accepted without exams at the faculty of painting.

From 1993 to 1996.- study monumental workshop under direction of academician A.A. Mylnikov. In 1994,1995 years she trained at the Berlin Academy of arts(HdK). In 1995-96 a holder of the President of Russia. In 1996 Anastasia she wrote her thesis «First ceremonial meeting of the Russian Academy of Sciences».

The Diploma work was done by the order of the St. Petersburg scientific centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

This picture in 1996 by decision of the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation year was exhibited in Mendeleevsk hall of the Russian Academy of Sciences, at the University embankment in St. Petersburg, where is today.

In 1997 by order of the Chairman of external relations Committee of St. Petersburg city hall Vladimir Putin, Anastasia is sent in a creative trip in Rome (Italy), as the best graduate of the Institute. Ilya Repin 1996. Since 1997-member of the Union of Artists. Since 1998 he teaches in the Department of drawing Institute. I.E. Repin. Since 2005 Professor of painting Institute. I.e. Repin.

In 1998 Anastasia commissioned by the Russian foreign Ministry draws up the hall «Saint Petersburg» at the Embassy of Azerbaijan's capital, Baku (Thanks to the Governor of St. Petersburg). In 2000, the artist performs a series of portraits of teachers for the Museum of the Academy of Russian ballet. Vaganova in St. Petersburg.

In the year 2010 full of «gala portrait of Empress Anna Ioannovna», exhibited in the Central hall of the Academy of Russian ballet. In 2006, for the Sheremetev Palace (Kutuzovskaya embankment in St. Petersburg, the artist performs a gallery of portraits of the representatives of a sort of the Sheremetev (10 portraits). In 2008, Anastasia Nikolaeva at the invitation of the Chairman of the Supreme court R.F V.М.Lebedeva exhibits his works in the halls of the Supreme court of Russia in Moscow. It was the first exhibition of Petersburg artist in the new building of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation. In 2004 performed work «Descent into Hell» for the Metropolitan chambers of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra.

In 2009 in Tartu (Estonia), the artist fulfilled a painting in the cultural centre «Athena» and the restaurant «Volga» .In 2009 Anastasia performs the painting of «Antonius hotel Tartu. For these works the artist together with the architects in 2009 was awarded a prize of the government of Estonia for best objects of the revived national architecture. Also in Tartu, the artist performs a painting of 8 halls in the revived manor ensemble «the Manor Berg». In the capital of Slovakia-Bratislava in 2010 year the artist has issued salon «Art and Design».

27 may 2010 in St. Petersburg, Svetlana Medvedev and Valentina Matvienko opened the «Talion Imperial Hotel in the halls of which is placed a historical pattern of Anastasia «Russian Empire!». In 2011 in the Big hall of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists was held the personal exhibition of the artist «favorites». The Central place of the exposition occupied the landmark painting was created in 2011-«the Coronation of Catherine II in the Dormition Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin»(canvas,oil,370х600).

In July 2011 Anastasiya Nikolaeva (Berg) was awarded the Gold medal of the Russian Academy of Arts. In November 2012 in the small hall of St. Petersburg Union of Artists was a personal exhibition of Anastasia «Day of eternal glory», devoted to the 200 anniversary of the battle of Borodino. The artist is active exhibition activities.

Anastasia are in private collections and museums of Russia, Finland, Germany, China, Austria, the USA, Spain, England.